Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Swaparoo?

Swaparoo is an online service for customers to exchange goods they no longer need for Swaparoo coins which they can then spend on other items available  whenever they choose.
Swaparoo is best described as a library of stuff.

Q2. How does it work?

  1. Open an account this will give you 50 coins to spend on the platform.
  2. You then put items up on the platform by adding an item on the “My Products “ page. Click on Add item this will bring you through the steps to evaluate the value of your item and allows you to add a photo.
  3. You will receive 10 coins for every item that you add up to 10 items.
  4. You can use these coins to then buy other items from other people up to the value of the coins you have.
  5. To buy something from someone:
    1. Click on “Products”
    2. You can search for a product or scroll through the most recently added products
    3. You can also browse through the various categories
    4. Select the product they want
    5. Options to ask a question publicly or “start Swap” which takes you to a private chat about the item
    6. In this private chat you can discuss the item, you can make arrangements to swap the item. Once both sides are happy to make the transaction each person clicks on their “shake on it” button.
    7. The “Proceed to payment” button is then enabled. This leads the buyer to a Secure Stripe payment page where the coins transaction takes place along with a €2 fee for using the platform. On the first transaction completed the buyer gets an additional 50 coins bonus.
    8. Any delivery costs or delivery arrangements must be arranged and agreed and paid separately between both parties.
  6. At the end of the transaction the person giving away the item will have gained coins to the value of the item and the person buying the item will have the same amount of coins deducted.
  7. Remember to leave feedback for the other person once the transaction is complete (item has been exchanged)
  8. If you want to buy additional coins or prepaid transaction fees you can go to the “Finances” page where you can buy
    1. 6 Stripe transactions for €10 (1 free transaction)
    2. 25 Coins for €25
  9. Also on your “Finances” page you can find details on your payments, transactions and your personal profile.

Q3. What are Swaparoo coins?

Swaparoo coins are a form of virtual currency only usable on and on

The virtual value of 1 coin is 1local currency, for example:

1coin = 1 Ron for

1coin = 1 Euro for

Q4. How am I allowed to use Swaparoo coins?

Swaparoo coins will be assigned to you once you sign up and once you add items on the platform (based on your evaluation of quality of items uploaded).

Once another member of the Swaparoo community buys one of your items, the system will transfer those coins to your account.

You can use the coins in your account to buy another item available on the platform, once you have agreed with the seller on the price of the item and the shipping.

Q5. Can I cash out Swaparoo coins?

NO, the coins are only allowed to be used on the platform. You can only get them by creating an account, adding your stuff on, swapping stuff from your account and you can get coins by reviewing another user and sharing your swapped items. Swaparoo coins cannot be cash out and will expire if they are not used in 6 months time.

Q6. Why are you doing this?

Swaparoo loves the environment, circular economy and we take action on climate change initiatives all over the world. We also like to help you save money and declutter your life for a better, brighter future.

I still have a question. What can I do?

We love questions and new ideas since it gives us a chance to improve all the time so please get in touch by email  at or